We all know parenting is the most important job we do. However, there is little training available on how to be an effective parent.  Children go through many stages and phases during their elementary, middle and high school years. Parents continually struggle with knowing what is “normal” and what might be a sign of a more serious problem emerging.

A Place To Turn To is a non-profit organization which offers several opportunities to help parents navigate the maze of parenting issues we all face:

As a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, neighbor or friend, or as someone who hopes to have kids someday or actively invests in other people’s children, we have all experienced times when we could benefit from additional information, tools, or skills.  But often there is little or no support available for parents along the way.

Parents often parent based on their personal family history.   Some parent their children exactly the way they were parented.  While others parent the exact opposite way they were raised.  Yet often there’s a better way.

Where does a parent go when they have questions or concerns?  Where can they find answers?  Gain new information?  Find new tools?  Or develop parenting skills?

A Place To Turn To is here to fill that gap.



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