ST. LOUIS (AP) — Authorities continued to seek clues Monday in the puzzling case of a healthy baby boy left abandoned in the interior hallway of a St. Louis County apartment building.

The child, identified by relatives as 3-month-old Donovan Prom, was found at 5 a.m. Friday at the Hickory Trace apartment complex in Breckenridge Hills. The hallway was fully enclosed so the child was shielded from the cold morning. He was in a car seat, with a blanket over him and a bottle of milk by his side. A resident of the complex found the child as he was going to work and called police.

Relatives say Donovan is the son of Ebony Jackson and her boyfriend, Craig Prom. Jackson is a native of East St. Louis, Ill. She and Prom now live in Oklahoma City.

Paternity tests are pending and Breckenridge Hills detective Jeff Heisse said the child won’t be turned over to Prom until he is confirmed as the father. For now, the boy remains in state custody.

Meanwhile, relatives fear Jackson, 30, could be the victim of foul play, though Heisse said police have not found any signs of a struggle. She left Oklahoma on Wednesday to visit relatives in the St. Louis area, but hasn’t been heard from since Thursday.

Relatives spent hours Sunday searching for clues around the apartment complex, placing “Missing” posters with Jackson’s photo on trees and walls. Her story was also posted on the website

Heisse said police have “zero information” about the mother’s whereabouts.

“It’s just weird that nobody’s had any contact with her,” Heisse said. “We’re doing everything we can to locate her.”

Relatives told police that Jackson has had several surgeries on her brain and suffers from impaired memory, even jotting notes to herself so she’ll remember things. The reason for the brain surgeries wasn’t clear.

Heisse said neither Prom nor Jackson had any known connection to the apartment complex. He said there was no video surveillance there, and surveillance cameras at neighboring businesses were not pointed in that direction.

No residents at the apartment complex heard anything.

Authorities aren’t even sure exactly when the baby was dropped off Heisse said it was between 10 p.m. Thursday and when the child was discovered seven hours later.

Jackson was last seen in a 2004 Mitsubishi Galant with Colorado license plates.

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