Allison Blood, KMOX News

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) – Some great figures have monuments built to honor them after their death, but if you aren’t a history-maker, don’t worry, Facebook will memorialize you after you

In the event of a death, Facebook will only delete an account if a family member requests it. Otherwise, Facebook’s policies are to “memorialize” the account, so it’s never deleted. In an email, Facebook spokesman Andrew Noyes says, in an effort to continue to respect the privacy of the deceased person, Facebook will not give out account information or the password to anyone.

“Our standard procedure when we receive a report that a user is deceased is to memorialize the account, which restricts profile and search privacy to friends only, but leaves the profile up so that friends and family can leave posts in remembrance,” he writes.

Georgie Bush’s 23-year-old daughter Amber Wood was killed last year, and Busch says she’s glad the page is still around, because it’s a way that family and friends can still remember her.

“I hope it stays up there because it is, it’s another way we remember her, and keep in touch and keep her memory going,” she says.

She added that she was trying to reach Facebook to get account access or to make sure the account stays active, but hasn’t heard anything.

In order to verify that a person has passed away, Noyes says Facebook needs proof, like an obituary.


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