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harry star 3stars Broken City a Fractured Story

One good thing about “Broken City” is that co-star Russell Crowe does not try to sing.

broken1 Broken City a Fractured Story

“Broken City” is set in New York City days before an election. Russell Crowe plays the incumbent mayor. His opposition is trying to paint him as corrupt and involved in a shady real estate deal. Mark Wahlberg is an ex-NYPD cop who had to retire after he shot and killed a young man under questionable circumstances. Walhberg’s character has become a private investigator and gets called by Crowe to see if his wife is cheating on him.

broken 2

Catherine Zeta-Jones plays Crowe’s wife and her presence in the film is very slight. It looks like many of her scenes must have been left on the editing room floor.

broken 4

Jeffrey Wright is menacing as the Police Commissioner. Barry Pepper is frantic playing Crowe’s election opponent who is desperate for an upset victory.

broken 5

There are enough scenes of action, gun fire, car chases and murder in “Broken City,” but the script holds no clear intrigue until the very end, when with precious little time left it finally gets interesting. “Broken City” has the look and mood of the film it’s trying to be. What it lacks is a script that matches the atmosphere.



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