UNIVERSITY CITY, Mo. (KMOX) — University City is the latest school district in the region to take a second-glance at security.

The University City School Board approved the administration’s Safety and Security presentation Thursday night on protocols already in place, which included the following recommendations among others:

  • Revise safety plans to meet the individual needs of the buildings,
  • use the knowledge and expertise of our Fire and Police Departments to review emergency procedures, practice procedures, and refine procedures,
  • to increase participation in the CSD Safe Schools Initiative, which consists of a coalition of metro area school districts and county and municipal police departments sharing safety and security knowledge and resources.

Shantana Stewart says the number one recommendation is communication.

“We have safety protocols in place. We want to continue to make staff aware of the plans, so if something does happen, they’re ready to execute.”

When asked about the St. Louis County police chief’s idea to allow teachers to carry concealed weapons, Stewart responded that the school district is uncomfortable with that idea.

“Teachers are here to teach, students are here to learn. I think when we stay in between those parameters everybody’s safe and leave those matters to the experts, which is the University City police,” Stewart said.


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