last Arnold Bombs at the Box Office

The return of Arnold Schwarzenegger to the big screen was met with big yawns as his new solo action film, “The Last Stand,” may prove to be just that for his movie career. The film came in a lowly 10th place with just $6.3 million in ticket sales its opening weekend.

mama 1

Red-hot, Oscar nominated actress Jessica Chastain lead the cast of the low-key horror film “Mama” to a surprise first place box office finish with a total of $28.1 million, which was about 35% more than the projected opening number for “Mama.”

zero Arnold Bombs at the Box Office

Jessica Chastain proved to be a double box office threat this weekend as her film “Zero Dark Thirty,” a top Oscar contender, came in second place with $17.6 million.

silver Arnold Bombs at the Box Office

The off-beat love story starring Bradley Cooper and Oscar nominated Jennifer Lawrence, “Silver Linings Playbook,” came in third place scoring $11.4 million.

gangster Arnold Bombs at the Box Office

The violent mob film starring Sean Penn as Mickey Cohen, “Gangster Squad,” finished fourth with $9.1 million in its second week in release.

broken 4

The murderous film on political corruption in New York, “Broken City,” finished an under-whelming fifth place its opening weekend with only $9 million. For more statistics on the weekend box office, click on the link below.

hansel Arnold Bombs at the Box Office

A new twist on an old take, “Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters” is among the new films opening January 25th. It stars Jeremy Renner.


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