ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – It often happens with artists, as well as athletes: the value of items they produced while they were alive increases after their death.

In the case of Stan Musial, that would include items he autographed over the years.

“Typically, it will go up in price,” collector Mike Luechtefeld of Red Bud, Illinois, explained from his collectibles booth at this year’s Winter Warm-Up. “I think with Stan, because he’s had his business for so long, there’s still a lot of his stuff you’ll be able to get.”

He says ironically, because Musial was so approachable and willing to sign just about anything placed in front of him, the higher volume of autographed items will hold down prices in the collectibles market. Luechtefeld expects a rise in the short term value of the autographed goods and then a drop in the long term.

The most expensive Musial autographed item on the auction website ebay is a 1941 minor league contract signed by Musial’s mother which can be yours for $10,000.

Predictably, the more unique a Musial item is, the more likely it will fetch a good price. For instance, Luechtefeld says for years he’s been trying to find a signed harmonica, Stan’s trademark.


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