Movie Critic Dave White from Dropped in to talk with Jon about this weekend at the Box Office and what you can expect.  Dave shares with us how “Warm Bodies” will be a hit and why Al Pacino didn’t shine in “Stand Up Guys”.

Television Critic Ed Bark of joined Jon to review what was and wasn’t on television this past week.  Ed also gives us a little bit of insight into what you might see at this weekends Big Game.

LIVE from Phuket, Thailand at the World Renowned Tiger Muay Thai; our celebrity chef Cheffy Baby joins us to recap the world of food and share with you some ideas for amazing appetizers that you can serve during the Big Game on Sunday.

Doritos Spokesperson Jeff Kline talks with Jon this morning about the “Doritos: Crash the Super Bowl” contest.  Jeff talks about the process involved with submitting an idea for the competition and how you can go online and vote on which one is your favorite to make it to the Big Game.  Will you vote for the Goat Chomper or the Men dressed for the Tea Party?


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