ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Last week, KMOX told you about allegations of a slush fund in the St. Louis mayoral race. Now, a St. Louis alderman says someone offered him a bribe to not support the challenger, Aldermanic President Lewis Reed.

North St. Louis Alderman Sam Moore, a supporter of Reed in the race, says he received a phone call a couple months ago. “It happened about three, four months ago. An individual called me on the phone, a public servant, and they offered me $10,000 not to say anything, not to be a part of the race, just do nothing,” he said. “Do not help Lewis Reed by any means, just stay out of the race.”

Moore refused to identify the alleged briber by name.

Mayor Francis Slay’s campaign manager Richard Callow calls the allegation “poppycock.” Callow says nobody he knows offered Moore money, nobody from the campaign, and nobody who works for the Mayor’s office. Callow added that it doesn’t take $10,000 not to support Lewis Reed.

“It’s a shame that the Slay camp is so desperate that they would stoop to these measures,” Lewis Reed said in a press release sent to KMOX Monday morning. “St. Louisans deserve better. It is time to turn the page on twelve years of mediocrity, division, and corruption. When I am elected Mayor, I will restore ethics to the Mayor’s office.”

“Despite Callow’s penchant for zingers and snappy comebacks, it is becoming clear that Mayor Slay’s campaign is having serious problems. You can’t just buy your way out of 12 years of failing to deliver for the citizens of St. Louis,” Reed’s campaign manager Glenn Burleigh said in the release.


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