ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) — David Maestus Chief Technology Officer with Tech Guard security, a St. Louis-based cyber defense contractor says the Federal Reserve breach last weekend is among system vulnerabilities that arise everyday.

“We consistently have new vulnerabilities popping up in our networks and consistently being closed when we find them,” Maestus said. “Its a race for us to find them and close them before bad guys find them and exploit them.”

  • Listen to Carol Daniel’s full interview with David Maestas.

Maestus says federal cyber security could be more up to date, if the certification process was faster.

Right now, if the Department of Defense agrees to buy a network firewall, certification of that product could take a year or more, putting them behind the latest security technology and making the government more vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Maestus says that lag makes the government permanently at a disadvantage. He also adds that many cyber threats are from organized crime and they are putting a lot more resources into their networks than we are.


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