ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – A St. Louis alderman says prostitutes are back on South Broadway and police aren’t doing anything about it.

Alderman Tom Villa says despite the passage in December of two ordinances giving police new tools to go after prostitution, the world’s oldest profession is thriving along South Broadway.

“There are certainly women who appear to be not Fuller Brush salespersons walking up and down South Broadway all the time,” he said.

Villa says women soliciting passing motorists are in plain sight and he is beginning to receive an earful from residents who want the police to do more. “It is not my style to get on television or radio and belittle the police department, they’ve got their hands full, but it’s a quality of life issue.”

The alderman says it is going to take a concerted effort, but he thinks if police start enforcing the new law that was passed, the prostitutes will get the message and go someplace else.

KMOX contacted St. Louis police about Villa’s concern and are awaiting their response.


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