Harry Hamm

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In one of the early Die Hard films, I saw Bruce Willis’ character John McClane fall about 75 feet from a helicopter onto the metal deck of a barge. He then got up and walked away. So did I.

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In the latest film in the series, “A Good Day To Die Hard,” which is the kind of title you use when you can’t think of a good one, McClane is renewing his acquaintance with his son Jack, played by Jai Courtney, who he had in the first “Die Hard.”His son is a CIA agent. Jack is in jail in Russia because he murdered a Russian mobster.

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There is plenty of fire power and vehicle chase action for John and Jack. Lots of bodies fall right and left. The action is reasonably well done.

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But the movie career of Bruce Willis seems to have deteriorated into posing, special effects and off-handed comments. This movie should open well based on the success of past films, but it should fade fast, like Bruce’s acting career. There are no real authentic feelings displayed between John and Jack. As father and son, they are at best comic book characters.

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It has been proven that action films can also have an intriguing storyline, but not in any of the “Die Hard” films. Try doing a film without a gun, Bruce, just to see if you still can.



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