COLMBIA, Mo. (CBS St. Louis) – Married people are in better mental and physical health than those who have not yet tied the knot, according to a new study.

Researchers from the University of Missouri went on to state that married people are less likely to develop chronic conditions than their widowed or divorced counterparts.

Christine Prouix, an assistant professor in the MU Department of Human Development and Family Studies, was quoted as saying in a university press release that “people who have happy marriages are more likely to rate their health as better as they age.”

Prouix examined the long-term relationship between self-rated health and marital quality.

“We often think about the aging process as something we can treat medically with a pill or more exercise, but working on your marriage also might benefit your health as you age,” Prouix noted in the release.

Prouix used data from 707 married adults who took part in the Marital Instability Over the Live Course study panel. That study started in 1980 and was a 20-year nationwide research project with funding coming from the Social Security Administration’s Office of Research and Statistics and the National Institute on Aging.

The majority of the participants were Caucasian who earned over $55,000 and had more than a high school education.

The study will be published in an upcoming edition of the Journal of Family Psychology.


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