BRIDGETON, MO (KMOX) – An environmental group says it still has serious questions about an underground landfill fire in Bridgeton that some residents say is giving them headaches, even though the state says air tests show no danger.

The Missouri Department of Natural Resources says its air monitoring the week of February 4 around the landfill showed “gas concentrations did not exceed a level of concern for public health.”

Kat Logan-Smith with the Missouri Coalition for the Environment says the week of the testing may not have been ideal.

“It was very windy, it rained and snowed for three days that week and so the air was a lot cleaner,” she said. “People breathe everyday, they don’t just breathe the one week in February.”

The group is also requesting, through the state’s open records law, all documents related to what standards were applied to call the landfill fumes safe.

“We’re trying to look at what they’re actually finding and where they’re setting the bar because the residents in the area are not all adult men. There are women and children and elderly people and sick people and there’s a hospital next to this facility.”


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