ST. LOUIS–(KMOX)–A St. Louis police officer who responded to a disturbance at a casino over a gaming chip is on trial before an Internal Affairs court, accused of using excessive force on a suspect.

Officer Charles Proctor is accused of choking a suspect and then ramming his head into a parked police car during a call to the Lumiere Casino July 5. A tall, heavy-set man, Proctor sat in the courtroom in civillian clothes watching the surveillance video of the alleged assault against the suspect, Jermaine Lacy, who appears thinly built.

During his arrest, Lacy allegedly teased Proctor about his weight, which he says led to the violence.

Officer Charles Proctor (back to camera) with defense team watches video of encounter at casino

Officer Charles Proctor (back to camera) with defense team watches video of encounter at casino

Proctor was arrested on suspicion of second and third degree assault charges. The Circuit Attorney’s office reviewed the evidence and declined to press criminal charges. In October, the Police Internal Affairs Division recommended the veteran officer be fired. He is now fighting that decision before the Board of Police Commissioners.

Proctor is represented by prominent defense attorney Chet Pleban, who questioned whether the video evidence presented shows the whole story. Jessica Liss, an attorney hired by the police department to prosecute the case, says in addition to the video evidence, there will be eyewitness testimony. The hearing is expected to go on all week.

If found guilty, Proctor faces anything from a one-day suspension to termination.

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