ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – There are more power struggles underway at the Missouri History Museum, following the resignation of Museum President Bob Archibald.

Where is the money coming from to pay for Bob Archibald’s lucrative consulting contract after he quit? That was the question from Zoo Museum District member Charles Valier as he grilled museum gatekeepers Monday.

“In looking at the budget for 2013, I don’t see in the budget the $270,000 consulting contract for Dr. Archibald,” he said. “You’re presenting to us on Thursday a budget and that item is not in there.”

History Museum Subdistrict Chairman Romandous Stover at first said he wasn’t sure why the item was not in the budget, but later told KMOX “I quickly just asked our CFO and it is accounted for in the budget. Maybe Charlie just needs some pointers in terms of where it’s at; I’d help him find it.”

Valier and some other taxpayer watchdogs on the ZMD are talking about cutting off the flow of tax dollars to the museum until it turns over more spending power to them but a museum spokesman says, by his count, they don’t have the votes to pull that off.

“We’re talking about one deal and we’re talking about a great institution,” Stover said. “We’re talking about 600,000 people who visit that institution; we’re talking about an institution that puts on projects involving race, religion, sex.”


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