ELLISVILLE, MO (KMOX) – Ellisville Mayor Adam Paul isn’t off the hook but the case against him just got a lot weaker.

City Council members were forced to drop charges of drinking alcohol on the job, using profanity, and recording closed meetings because legal counsel did not believe those were impeachable offenses.

That shift left an opening for Paul’s Attorney Chet Pleban to go after Ellisville City Attorney Paul Martin Wednesday night.

Pleban: “Did you ask him if he was drinking at the meeting before you recklessly prepared [the charges], sir?”

Martin: “I didn’t recklessly prepare the charges, sir.”

Pleban: “Did you ask him, sir, if he was drinking at the meeting?”

Martin: “There was evidence to suggest that.”

Pleban: “Did you ask him, sir?”

Martin: “There was evidence to suggest that.”

Pleban: “Sir, did you ask him if he was drinking at the meeting? Yes or no? Yes or no?”

Martin: “I’m not going to argue this with you.”

Pleban: “I’m not asking you to argue, I’m asking you if you asked him before you recklessly put that out to the public whether or not he was drinking at a meeting. Drinking vodka, I think was your quote. Did you ask him?

Martin: “There was reason to support the charge.”

Martin echoed his claim that there were reasons to believe Adam Paul was drinking at city meetings but Pleban questioned why it took a year for someone to point the finger and claim vodka was the mayor’s drink of choice.

“If he’s drinking at a public meeting, this just comes up a year later? So, what, you take notes and then you don’t say anything to the man for a year? And then you impeach him with that information?” Pleban asked. “That’s like saying ‘let’s have everyone in here charged with murder.’ So let’s charge everyone with murder and then we’ll go figure out later on if they actually murdered anybody. I mean, this is silliness and it’s designed to embarrass him.”

“Just because we can’t impeach him on it doesn’t mean there isn’t evidence to support that it’s true,” Martin responded.

Paul’s impeachment hearing is still scheduled for March 27th but Pleban says his goal is to get that trial cancelled and hinted the mayor may file a defamation suit against the City of Ellisville.

As for the man at the center of it all, Paul says the publicity surrounding the drinking allegations is taking a toll. “I don’t think you can un-ring a bell, the damage has been done. As you can probably imagine, the last couple weeks have been terrible.”

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