ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) — Calling it a “waste of time and resources,” a St. Louis police officer signed up to lobby state lawmakers to reduce penalties for marijuana possession.

Sgt. Gary Wiegert just spent two days in Jefferson City lobbying for the Show-Me Cannabis Regulation. He says the Missouri Speaker of the House told him he’s ready for a discussion on treating minor marijuana possession much like a traffic ticket with a summons.

He says he has arrested hundreds of people for pot possession and as long as it’s the law, he’ll continue to do so but, he feels, “it hasn’t had that big of an affect.”

Weigert says while he has seen burglaries by those trying to feed their heroin, cocaine, or meth habit, he’s never seen anyone support their marijuana habit that way.

Weigert, who doesn’t smoke marijuana himself, says he believes in limited government.


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