STODDARD COUNTY, MO (KMOX) – A judge in Stoddard County, Missouri is scheduled to hold a hearing Tuesday morning in the case of a man who claims his privacy was violated when he applied for a concealed carry permit.

Attorney Russel Oliver represents Eric Griffin who he says passed the concealed carry background check, completed the safety course, and then went to the fee office to have his endorsement stamped on his driver’s license. That’s when he was told his documents would have to first be scanned and sent to a third-party server.

“We believe that is a new and illegal hurdle to someone who is trying to exercise their Second Amendment right to a concealed carry permit,” Oliver said.

The suit does not allege data is being shared with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security but Oliver says there is a good deal of factual basis for that concern.

“There’s concerns about this information getting to the federal government and the current tenor and tone in Washington about gun control gives a lot of people pause,” Oliver said.

The Missouri Department of Revenue faced questions Monday in a House hearing about allegations it is sharing information on concealed carry applicants with the federal government. House Republicans and Lt. Governor Peter Kinder have alleged the U.S. Department of Homeland Security is receiving a list of people seeking concealed gun permits in Missouri.

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