OAKVILLE, MO (KMOX) – Some south St. Louis County residents and Sierra Club members are asking the St. Louis County Council to stop Ameren from building a coal ash landfill in Oakville.

At a County Council meeting Tuesday night, residents claimed the existing coal ash from the Meramec facility is causing health problems and this landfill would only make matters worse.

A Sierra Club member testified that there is no monitor in place to measure harmful levels of ash. “The state has no SO2 monitor in the entire St. Louis County. Until there is a monitor, the EPA won’t do anything but we don’t have a single SO2 monitor anywhere in St. Louis County.”

Only the Missouri Department of Natural Resources could install such a monitor and see for sure how high the SO2 levels are.

St. Louis County Health Director Dolores Gunn says residents are right to be worried.

“That does concern us as far as public health is concerned. It does cause increased risk for children and adults with respiratory disease,” she said. “I’ve been talking with my staff about looking at quite a few environmental issues that are occurring in St. Louis County concerning air pollution and the potential risk to public health concerning the coal ash site for Ameren and you will be getting an official statement from us by the end of the week.”

The County does not have the authority to tell Ameren it can’t build the landfill there. That power lies with the Department of Natural Resources.


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