Allison Blood, KMOX News

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) – A landmark ruling in speeding camera tickets: A St. Louis County judge rules Monline Acres’ camera ordinance conflicts with state law.

KMOX’s Charlie Brennan got the ticket in Moline Acres earlier this year. Rather than paying the $124 fine, he took his ticket to court, and asked that it be thrown out. Attorney Bevis Schock says it got thrown out because the city of Moline Acres only accesses a fine, and doesn’t add points to the license for a speeding offense, which contradicts state law.

“The judge found, that Moline Acres, by not charging points, was essentially trying to make what is a crime under Missouri law, speeding, into a civil offense,” he said.

He says in the future, this will make it harder to enforce speeding camera tickets, because this sets a precedent against them. He says he doesn’t know if this will have an effect on red light cameras, because those ordinances often assess a fine for being in the intersection, rather than running the red light.



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