SPRINGFIELD, IL (IRN) – Here’s a bill with a simple message: don’t waste meat. But it’s not about nutrition, it’s about the illegal dumping of deer.

The bill would make wasting or destroying useable meat illegal.

Sgt. Jamie Maul of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources says this is needed.

“Under the current law, hunters are required, if there is a bag limit that applies to the species being hunted, they’re required to remove that animal from the field and include that in their bag limit. But once they leave the field they can basically do whatever they want with it. They can go down the road and throw it in a ditch. They can go home and throw it in the trash. There’s no requirement for them to use the meat,” Maul said.

Michael Stevens of the DNR said there are some exclusions. “We also made exemptions on this so that you will not be forced to keep an animal that is not safe for human consumption,” Stevens said.

SB 1260 has passed the Senate Agriculture and Conservation Committee.


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