ELLISVILLE, MO (KMOX) – An impeachment saga in Ellisville has taken another turn.

On Monday, the Ellisville City Council was ordered to hand over a number of documents to Chet Pleban, the attorney representing Mayor Adam Paul.

Previously, the council argued the documents, which include conversations between council members and city attorney Paul Martin, would violate attorney-client privilege if made public but the hearing officer ruled the council waived that privilege when it made the motion to impeach Paul.

“The hearing officer agreed with us that, based on the motion that the councilwoman Michelle Murray made on February 20, that she waived the privilege,” Pleban explained. “We will obtain the documents that go from Martin to the Council, the staff, et cetera.”

The council has until tomorrow to organize those documents and then depositions will start in Paul’s impeachment hearing. The hearing is set to begin March 27 but could be delayed.

Two weeks ago, Ellisville City Council members were forced to drop charges of drinking alcohol on the job, using profanity, and recording closed meetings because legal counsel did not believe those were impeachable offenses.

In a press conference March 7, Paul sat aside Pleban and called the impeachment attempt “the worst PR for our city” and “an epic waste of time and money.”

According to the mayor, the saga began last April when he won the mayoral election. “I was the unexpected child. I wasn’t supposed to happen,” he said, claiming council members immediately had an axe to grind and he was their target. The council then began “throwing things against the wall and seeing what sticks.”

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