ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) — Timely information on hospital infections remains hard to come by, despite a Missouri law designed to help consumers know which hospitals have problems.

Three months into the new year, KMOX news is still waiting for the Missouri Department of Health to release its data on hospital infections — data it collected before the end of last year.

Republican State Senator Rob Schaaf of St. Jospeh, who co-sponsored a 2004 bill requiring the state to track hospital infections says the law isn’t working as he wanted it to.

“You wouldn’t want to go to that hospital and have your operation if they were in the mists of a problem,” explained Schaaf. “But you don’t have access to that. They could be having a severe epidemic and you would never know.

“In a perfect world if you were going to be having an operation at a hospital you would want to know if they just recently had an outbreak of some bad germ and how that was being handled.”

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster reviewed our Sunshine Request and said the Missouri Department of Health is planning to release only the first quarter of 2012 infection data sometime soon. In a statement Koster’s office said Department of Health is “meeting their various obligations.”

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