Allison Blood, KMOX News

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) – Cell phone provider AT&T released a new study showing that teens aren’t the only ones texting and driving.

In fact, adults commuting to work are more likely to text and drive than teenagers, or at least more likely to admit it. The survey showed 49 percent of adult respondents say they regularly text and drive, compared with 43 percent of teens.

AT&T Missouri President John Sondag says it’s alarming.

“Ninety-eight percent of those respondents said the know its dangerous to text and drive but they do it anyway,” he said.

He says many cell phone manufacturers are working on software that would disable texting when someone is driving a car, but says right now there are apps you can download that do the same thing. But he says its easier and probably less expensive to just put the phone down while driving, and concentrate on the road. Even at stop lights, he says texting and driving can be dangerous, because the driver is still not paying attention to when the light changes. He estimated 100,000 accidents a year occur as a result of texting and driving.

Sondag likened this epidemic to drinking and driving in that it will take a massive public education campaign to get people to understand how dangerous it can be. In the past year, AT&T launched their “It Can Wait” program, asking teens to sign a pledge not to text and drive. He says now the outreach will have to extend to adults too.


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