ST. LOUIS-(KMOX)–A four-year old girl is out of the hospital after being shot in the shoulder — the unintended victim of a driveby shooting.

The Thursday shooting near Louisiana and Itaska was cited as an example of rising gun violence at a Good Friday Stop the Gun Violence Rally in north St. Louis.

Congressman Lacy Clay told members of the Fifth Episcopal AME Church that he hopes Congress passes a universal background check for all gun sales, bans assault weapons and high capacity magazines, and puts more money into mental health services to prevent violence.

Police Chief Sam Dotson told the crowd the courts need to send a strong message to punish gun criminals the police catch.

The girl wounded in the driveby shooting was released from the hospital Friday, and police were looking for the gunman.

Dotson described the shooting as the result of a “domestic” argument between a man and a woman. The man apparently fired a gun at a nearby group of people, but the girl was struck instead.

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