Kevin Killeen

CLAYTON, MO–(KMOX)–With the tornado season at our throats, they tested the warning sirens in St. Louis County, and all 199 in the system worked — but is everyone protected?

The Director of the St. Louis County Emergency Communications Commission, David Barney, says the siren network is designed to be heard by people outside in every corner of the county, but they are always looking for dead spots.

“I don’t know of any for sure,” Barney said, “We do get calls from time to time and we’ll investigate them the following month.”

Anyone who could not hear the warning sirens while they were outside can report the problem to Barney or their county council member.  Barney says last year the county added fourteen sirens to improve the system.

“If our studies indicate we have a need, a dead spot or a coverage issue, then I will take that back to the commission and get their approval on adding additional sirens.”

Barney’s office phone number is 615-2562.

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