ELLISVILLE, MO (KMOX) – Ellisville Mayor Adam Paul’s supporters won at the ballot box yesterday but the mayor himself is bracing for a big loss at his impeachment trial today.

After a six-hour session Monday, Tuesday night featured another marathon session of deliberations on the litany of charges against Paul, including bellicose behavior at city council meetings and his request to the police chief that he be given a badge.

City Clerk Catherine Demeter testified that she thinks the mayor should have kept better control of council meetings.

“The crowd would sometimes be loud, uncivil. It was uncomfortable,” she said.

But later Demeter said of Paul, “The way that he was speaking to staff and the [city] council, I felt that the insults were unnecessary.” Paul’s defense attorney Chet Pleban countered by noting an email from councilman Matt Pirrello calling Paul “Mayor Pyle” and “numb nuts.”

Paul responded by saying, “on one hand they’re saying I couldn’t control the meetings and, on the other hand, when I attempted to they put a charter violation against me.”

Mr. Paul is accused of violating the city charter by improperly directing city employees; specifically, asking police officers to remove people from meetings. Councilmen also charged that he asked Police Chief Tom Felgate for a badge and a gun as mayor but when Paul’s attorney Chet Pleban revealed the badge that former mayor Ed O’Reilly had received, Felgate called it “a shocker.”

“In my estimation, I don’t understand why an elected official would need a badge unless they’re going to pull somebody over, try to arrest someone, or try to get out of a ticket,” Felgate said.

Mayor Paul received a brief morale boost with favorable election results Tuesday night. Gary Voss, Michael Cahill, and Cynthia Pool all won council seats.

“I’m not saying those three candidates are going to be fully supportive of any plan I have. I just want an equal, fair playing field and be able to be treated with respect,” Paul said. But while half the council will change, those councilmen will not be seated by Wednesday’s vote.

The hearing was adjourned after midnight and will resume at 1 p.m. today at the space-limited Ellisville City Hall with a decision mandated by law to come before midnight.

You can find photos of Tuesday night’s hearing here.


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