ELLISVILLE, MO (KMOX) – It ends tonight.

Or rather, the Ellisville mayor’s impeachment saga is supposed to end tonight. But this topsy-turvy story that began with last year’s Walmart debate has yet to follow anyone’s script thus far.

Chet Pleban, defense attorney for Mayor Adam Paul, alleges the Ellisville City Council sought frivolous charges and invented others in an effort to force the mayor to resign, a plan which backfired. Council members allege the mayor overstepped his authority and made life miserable for them so it is time for him to go.

Adding another twist, half of the Ellisville City Council is now lame-duck following an election last Tuesday in which several members lost their reelection bids. Not only will the council decide Paul’s fate Monday but they have already made a decision for posterity: to hire an attorney to defend the decision they will make tonight.

“I guess they perceive the mayor has or will have people who are similarly-minded on the new council so they don’t want them to act,” Pleban explained. “They are attempting to commit this city to attorneys fees on a decision that has yet to be made.”

Foreseeing Paul’s ouster tonight, Pleban has vowed an appeal when the mayor is removed. “You can take it to the bank, there will be litigation,” he said.

After three long days of testimony last week, the City Council was scheduled to make a decision on Paul’s impeachment Wednesday night but that deadline came and went. The deliberation and vote tonight is at 6 o’clock at St. John’s Lutheran Church, 15800 Manchester Road in Ellisville.


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