Brett Blume

WASHINGTON D.C. (KMOX) –  While acknowledging that political leaders in China are likely “freaked out” over the troubling developments in North Korea, U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) is hedging her bets on whether leader Kim Jong-un is willing to follow through on his threats of nuclear war.

“We’re prepared for missile interception,” according to McCaskill. “We’re prepared for whatever step this young man thinks he needs to make to prove that he’s not an irresponsible young man. Which if he takes any of these steps will, in fact, prove that he’s an irresponsible young man.”

McCaskill still believes that China holds the ultimate key to any hope of diffusing the white-knuckle tension that’s engulfed the Korean peninsula.

“I think China is freaked out,” she maintains. “And make no mistake about it..if China lowers the boom on North Korea, they (North Korea) are beyond an impoverished nation. They are destitute and really have no where to go.”

Which makes the aggressive words and actions of Kim Jong-un that much more confusing and troubling.

“He is boxing himself into a corner that he can’t get out of,” McCaskill says.

But back to the question of whether Kim Jong-un is willing to launch all-out war and how the rest of the world might react if he does, the Missouri Democrat grows cagy.

“I’m not going to be able to share classified information,” McCaskill explains. “But I can just tell you that we’re prepared.”

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