HAZELWOOD, Mo. (KMOX) — Hazelwood Mayor Matthew Robinson praised residents for being prepared and checking on their neighbors after the storm that possible spawned two tornadoes and prompted an emergency declaration from Governor Jay Nixon.

Robinson was out last night and again this morning holding a press conference with reporters around 6:30 a.m.

He said first and foremost he had no serious injuries to report. “There are minor injures, maybe a broken leg, at the most.” However he did say a lot of people are waking up with no electricity, and dealing with leaking roofs and downed trees.

As of this morning, Robinson did not have an official damage assessment report for his community but said he is aware of at least two-dozen homes that suffered major damage.

Mayor Robinson spoke with KMOX’s Brian Kelly Thursday

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Hazelwood resident Cathy is trying to look on the bright side this morning as she walks along her neighborhood where she’s lived for the last 30 years. Looking at her tree lying in the street and several others on her neighbor’s homes she says she’s surprised nobody was really hurt.

“There is so much damage done here.  Its only material stuff, we’ll be fine, we’ll get it all fixed and be ready to go.”

Cathy said she didn’t her the sirens. She was watching American Idol when she started hearing things hit her house.

Resident Robert Holtsouser said he knew the storm might get bad once the power went out.

“We grabbed the dog and went downstairs, and it was like it was nothing.”

Holtsouser said his home weathered the storm pretty well, but a tree branch fell on his car.

A meteorologist with the National Weather Service says spotters reported seeing tornadoes above Hazelwood, but that won’t be confirmed until crews survey the damage Thursday.


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