Brad Choat (Twitter: @choatsnews)

HAZELWOOD, Mo. (KMOX)- Tornado victims in Hazelwood who attended Sunday’s resources fair at their community center, seemed pleased with the help they’ve gotten since the storm hit, Wednesday night.

Sanise Pendleton was one of them, “Hazelwood Police Department, state troopers, the governor, Charles Dooley, I am so impressed and blessful and thankful we have a team like this working for us. Go Saint Louis!”

Cheryl Polk with the United Way was one of the organizers of the fair, “These are not strangers to us. They’re from our community, and they take care of the people here. This is more than neighbors helping neighbors, it’s agencies helping agencies.”

A truckload of supplies arrived at the Hazelwood Community Center on Sunday, supplies donated by the Hazelwood School District and unloaded by dozens of volunteers.
School superintendent Dr. Grayling Tobias describes some of what was offered to storm victims who — in some cases — lost nearly everything they owned, last Wednesday night, “Batteries, cleaning supplies, gift cards, soap, flashlights, towels, you name it. Whatever our families need, we are going to provide it for them, because they have been so supportive of us.”

Angela and David Boyd’s apartment was destroyed in the tornado. They say they are ready to protect themselves against scam artists and willing to share the information they learned at the fair, “We’ve got our legal pamphlet and we’re ready to go. We could be a guide next time, and tell other people where to go.”

The United Way says anyone still needing assistance should call their hotline number 2-1-1.


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