Tom Ackerman

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – If you’d bear with me for a moment, I don’t feel like writing about sports today.  I just have a few words about what we witnessed yesterday in Boston.

The lowest form of life who did this, the person who is responsible for this evil attack at the Boston Marathon, is a coward.

If it’s a terrorist group that caused the death and destruction on Boylston Street, the only message they sent is that they’re cowards.  And they’re led by a coward.

What cowards don’t understand, never will understand, is that the rest of us – the actual human beings on this planet — always come back stronger.  We don’t shrink and shrivel up in fear, as much as the cowards want us to.  Because we’re not them.

No, our bystanders will spring into action, rushing to the sides of victims in the horrifying aftermath of a malicious act.  Our police, firefighters and first responders will save and protect those in need. Our doctors and nurses will work quickly to offer the best care to the wounded.

They’re heroes.

On a beautiful, sunny day in the heart of downtown Boston, during the city’s biggest celebration, the cowards tried to take it all away: freedom, innocence, love.  Our hearts are broken for the victims and their families.  We mourn those who lost their lives.  We pray for those who will have to endure a great deal of pain.  We become more aware of our surroundings.

The cowards would like to think that they’ve weakened us, forever.  What they’ll find out: by the time they’re brought to justice, we will already be on the road to recovery.  While security will be increased at major sporting events around the world, we’ll continue to show up in big numbers.

The strength of our country’s resolve will grow. And we’ll defeat the cowards.

Thanks for reading.

Tom Ackerman is Sports Director at KMOX.  He can be heard weekday mornings at :15 and :45 on Total Information A.M.  Follow him on Twitter: @Ackerman1120


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