ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) — Opening Day last week, it was no more Mister Nice Guy from the City Treasurer on downtown parking meters. Treasure Tishaura Jones did away with a free parking at meters policy for Opening Day.

So did it pay off?

According to Jones, it did.

“As a result of changing that policy we brought in 29-thousand dollars in fees and tickets for the day,” she said. “Which is about 10-thousand more than what we would have normally made on a Monday.”

And she’s offering up no apologies. “We really haven’t received any complains. I think most people understand that when you’re parking in a downtown metropolitan area you’re going to pay for parking, especially coveted spots on the street.”

Jones told KMOX the new get tough policy is needed to help pay off a $72 million debt for the construction of parking garages.


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