Grammy nominated Singer/Song Writer Lisa Loeb stopped by the studio this morning to talk with Jon about her new albums.  That is right you read albums; Lisa has put out a new children’s album titled “Lisa Loeb’s Silly Songs for Moving and Shaking” and her more adult album “No Fairy Tale”.  Join Jon as he finds out how attending summer camp as a child inspired her to put out the new children’s album.

Our favorite Political Reporter Niall Stanage from joined Jon for our weekly dose of American politics.  Niall shares with us a look at the Boston Marathon Bombing after the media hoopla has settled.  He shares with us how the media was sometimes too quick to put information out there and how the outcome of the FBI investigation will affect the intelligence communication.  Niall also talks about the Ricin letter scare at the Senate mail room; whether or not it is connected to the Boston bombings and who exactly that letter is addressed to.  Jon and Niall also discuss why the latest proposed gun control legislation is doomed to be turned down as well as why there was fighting in the Senate over former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.


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