CLAYTON, MO–(KMOX)–Ladue Pharmacy is participating in a voluntary statewide program to educate the public about the illegal practice known as “smurfing’ — buying cold medicines containing pseudoephedrine for somebody else making meth.

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster and St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson discussed the program, which uses posters placed at drug stores warning smurfers they face possible arrest and prosecution.

“People with some knowledge that they’re involved in something quasi-illegal or think that it’s quasi-illegal go in and purchase this,” Koster said, “Well, we’re here to tell them today that they are breaking the law when they do this.”

Police Chief Sam Dotson hopes the posters get the message out that smurfing is not a harmless activity.

“We’re letting the public know that buying cold and allergy medicines containing pseudoephedrine for a stranger or known meth cooker is not a petty crime,” Dotson said, “It’s a serious offense that will land you in jail.”

Koster says smurfing is a felony in Missouri, regardless of whether the person buying the drugs is involved in the actual making of meth.

Koster and Dotson were hosted by Rick Williams, owner of Ladue Pharmacy; and joined by Ron Fitzwater of the Missouri Pharmacy Association , and Carlos Gutierrez of the Consumer Healthcare Products Association.

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