Got some time off coming up? Go somewhere and do not give into the temptation of a ‘stay-cation’. Though the world seems dangerous these days, there’s plenty of paradise in the world. Find out about some suggestions including the world’s top rated spa from John Volponi, General Manager at Capella Hotel Group, when he joined Monica’s show.

Just over a month from now, go visit Dimvaloo Active Living, which will be located at the Colonial Marketplace shopping plaza. Bringing something to the Midwest part of the country for the first time ever, owner Kate Duryea was in-studio to share all the details.

Jumping on and off the scale can be a frustrating process. Find out about another way to measure what’s inside your body with Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing. Find out more about the method when Monica had on Laura Dobelman of Body Fat Test.

How do you shed pounds not for just a period of time, but make those healthy habits a lifestyle? Learn about Fit Fuel 365 when founder & CEO Ben Stratton plus nutritionist Mary Szyhowski joined Monica in the studio.


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