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ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Today’s woman may bring home the bacon, but it’s her man who’s frying it up in the pan.

There’s been a big shift in cooking and the sexes.

“I hear today more women saying ‘I’m too busy to cook and what I need is a quick and easy recipe,'” says Brandi Wills, Managing Editor of Feast Magazine, “whereas men are telling me they spent the weekend hacking their fridge to meet the temperature requirements, the humidity requirements, to age cheese.”

This man in the kitchen is being called a “gastrosexual.”  Wills explains:  “A man who is very comfortable in his masculinity that he enjoys being in the kitchen and cooking and taking on what has traditionally been more of a feminine role.”

Wills say it may be the science that is turning some men onto cooking and the appreciation that’s keeping them in the kitchen.

“It’s a very good motivation for a man to learn how to make a chocolate soufflé. I mean, what’s sexier than that?!”


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