KIRKWOOD, Mo. (KMOX) — A male student is accused of attacking a female student in a campus bathroom at St. Louis Community College-Meramec. Now, the campus police chief is facing questions about how the case was handled.

It was last Thursday morning that 19-year old Blythe Grupe of Chesterfield says she was grabbed from behind in a campus ladies room, put in a head lock and forced to the ground by a man who told her to be quiet. She screamed and campus police quickly made an arrest.

Now, several days later 19-year old Jevon Mallory of St. John is charged with assault on a school property, a Class-D felony.

“It was apparent that we weren’t going to get everything we needed for the warrant application in the span of time that was legal to hold that suspect… he was told not to return to campus or he would be arrested for trespassing,” Campus police Paul Banta told KMOX when asked why the suspect was originally released.

When asked why no press release was issued to warn others about a suspect that was now released.  Banta said legally his department didn’t have to, and that they’re decision had nothing to do with public relations.

“The decision at the time was that the threat was removed from the campus by reason of his arrest,” said Banta.  “And we were pretty sure we could keep him off campus because all the officers were aware of what he looked like.”

In a statement issued by St. Louis Community College-Meramec,  police presences has been increased on the campus and anyone who feels at all uncomfortable may request a police escort.

The female victim was offered a police escort today on campus, but it was only after the girl’s family contacted the media.

Mallory has since been barred from all St. Louis Community College campuses pending a disciplinary hearing.

St. Louis Community College-Meramec issued this statement Tuesday on its Facebook.

Some local media have reported an assault of a female student by a male student in a women’s restroom that occurred on the Meramec campus last Thursday morning. College police immediately responded and apprehended the suspect on the scene, removing the threat from campus. The woman was not injured and refused medical treatment. The suspect was processed, arrested, barred from campus and released, pending application for warrants. Reports of the event were presented to the St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney’s office today.

As a result of that process, warrants were issued against the suspect in this case, Jevon Mallory, 18, of the 2900 block of Hilleman Avenue. Bond on Mallory was set at $10,000 in relationship to a Class D Felony. He will be held at St. Louis County Jail pending posting of his bond. Mallory has been charged with assault while on school property, a felony.

The campus has increased its police presence and anyone who feels at all uncomfortable may request a police escort.

The safety and security of all St. Louis Community College’s students, faculty, staff and campus visitors are a primary concern. Each campus has a full staff of certified police officers who actively monitor activities throughout each campus. It was the quick work of two STLCC-Meramec campus police that brought this situation to an immediate end with the apprehension of the suspect.

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