SPRINGFIELD, IL (IRN) – Illinois lawmakers in Springfield have gone back and forth about concealed carry: Downstate legislators are generally in favor of a broad measure, whereas those from Chicago and the suburbs want a tight law.

State Sens. Kwame Raoul (D-Chicago) and Tim Bivins (R-Dixon) are working on a bill that they say will satisfy both areas.

“He’s from Chicago, I’m from Downstate. It’s a concept that we think may work,” Bivins said.

The measure they are formulating would give Illinoisans applying for a concealed carry permit the option of applying for a permit for Cook County. For those applying to carry in Cook County, local police will give more scrutiny.

This bill is still being drafted, but it may be finished and ready for introduction Wednesday.

Attempts to pass concealed carry legislation in the Illinois House have failed, but Raoul says he believes the effort in the Senate will work because they are focusing on the needs of the whole state.

“The interest and the lifestyles in rural areas are a little different than they are in urban areas,” Raoul said.

There have been talks about allowing those not registered in Cook County to be allowed to drive through with a concealed weapon in the car.


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