ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Bad news for egg lovers: a new heart disease study could spoil your breakfast.

This new study suggests eggs – be they scrambled, soft-boiled or in your breakfast burrito – raise the risk of heart disease due to their effect on our intestinal bacteria. The same goes for liver, beef and pork.

“There’s things we can eat that get metabolized and this ends up creating higher levels of this thing called TMAO [trimethylamine N-oxide] which is related to the development of heart disease,” Dr. Lim said.

Lim says limiting foods high in saturated fat and eating a diet rich in vegetables and fruits and other healthier choices will translate into better heart health.

“This is a completely different theory that doesn’t have anything to do with carbohydrates or cholesterol but still means what you eat is very important to you,” Dr. Michael Lim, the chief of cardiology at Saint Louis University, said.


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