SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (AP) — A 3-year-old Olathe, Kan., girl is ready to return to a Springfield animal park, where her close encounter with a camel brought her family national attention.

Aliyah Inzer was visiting the Wild Animal Safari near Springfield recently with her parents, Tyler and Marcie Inzer, and her baby sister. People feed the animals as they drive through the park, and Aliyah was sitting on her dad’s lap handing out treats.

One camel, not satisfied with the treats he got, stuck his head completely into the family’s car and briefly put his mouth on Aliyah’s head.

The parents reacted quickly, with Tyler Inzer pushing the camel away from his daughter, KCTV5 reported.

Aliyah thought it was funny and started giggling and the parents played along to keep her calm.

When the ornery camel decided to try to squeeze into the car and get all the way into the passenger seat where Marcie Inzer was sitting the family drove away.

“Then he started chasing the car, which got us laughing even more,” Marcie Inzer said Monday. “After we got past the camel, we checked her out, and she was fine and laughing.”

The little girl wishes she could have brought the camel home. And she says she wants to go back to the animal park.

“He was soft, and he was slimy,” Aliyah said. “He bit my head, and he pushed my head. He also came with us in the car. It was funny! Daddy said, `Oh my gosh!”’

The family uploaded their “Bad Camel” video to YouTube, where it went viral and was highlighted on national news shows Monday.

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