ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOX) — With the issuance of a demolition permit expected Monday, St. Louis Mayor Slay says if there is a developer out there for the long-vacant Cupples 7 building — “this is the last moment to come forward.”

The mayor made that statement in his blog Tuesday, “For the past twelve years, I have taken a firm but reasonable line on demolitions. As a rule, we do NOT allow any demolition unless the building has little significance – or the building is a true danger to health and safety or it stands in the way of a development that will significantly advance the City’s status as a quality place to live, work, and play.

“The long-term future of the Cupples 7 building does not look bright. It did not have a good winter. City engineers believe it is now an imminent danger. They are afraid it will collapse and hurt someone.”

Slay says requests for proposals to rehab the building at 11th and Spruce have gotten only “nibbles”.

Landmarks Association Director Andrew Weil argues that the $850-thousand the city is expecting to pay to tear down the building should instead go to preserve it. Calling demolition a “tragedy” he says it may not make economic sense now, but it could in the future.

“If there is anybody out there that can look far enough to see the potential of this building that perhaps money could be found for stabilization.”

Some estimate it could cost up to $8 million just to stabilize Cupples 7 but Weil says no one knows for sure.


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