ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – The Pew Research Center has a new study out that looks at the attitudes of Muslims around the world concerning religion, politics and society.

The survey of 38,000 Muslims in 39 countries finds most believe their faith should shape not only their personal lives but society and politics as well. “They prefer democracy over a government ran by a strong leader,” Pew researcher James Bell explained.

As for attitudes towards women in the Muslim world, “women and men in many countries, majorities of them, say women must always obey her husband, a rather conservative or traditional view, one might call it,” Bell said. “At the same time, the survey finds that in many countries most Muslims think that a woman should choose for herself whether she wears a veil or not in public.”

The Pew survey also found most Muslims believe Islam does not justify the use of violence against civilians.

“In terms of desire to see Sharia [Law] become the official law of the land, where we see the strongest support for that is in regions like sub-Saharan Africa, Middle East, North Africa, South Asia,” Bell said.


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