DES MOINES, Iowa (CBS St. Louis) – When you gotta go, you gotta go. But when you can’t go, you might not find work.

An Iowa woman with a condition known as “shy bladder syndrome” is suing a Des Moines hospital after a job offer was rescinded because she was unable to produce a urine sample.

WTMA reports that Jennifer Connor, who has paruresis, which is a social phobia that makes it very difficult for people to go to the bathroom in public restrooms, had applied for a position at Iowa Methodist Medical Center. She was offered the job on the condition that she passed a drug test. But when Connor was place in a room with no running water, a common detriment for people who suffer from paruresis, was unable to give a urine sample. The job offer was pulled shortly thereafter, according to WTMA.

Connor claims that the hospital was not accommodating to her condition, one that an estimated 17 million Americans suffer from. Her lawsuit might have a firm standing, given that paruresis is covered under the Americans With Disabilities Act.


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