Brett Blume

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – St. Louis blogger Jess Leitch is one week deep into her commitment to park her car and only use her bike or public transportation to get around for the entire month of May.

Has she cheated yet?

“I have not driven a car but I did go out to St. Charles to meet a friend, and I carpooled with my dad on the way home,” Leitch confesses. “But I took the Metro to get back into the city…it’s not like I was driven to and from my house.”

Okay, so we’ll let that one go for now.

KMOX News is following Jess Leitch’s progress on her car-free goal, and you can to at and

Working in conjunction with Trailnet, Bike St. Louis and the Great Rivers Greenway, Leitch has pledged to either ride her (newly purchased) bike or catch a Metro bus or train to get where she needs to go.

Her first lesson was that one has to be in reasonably good shape if they’re trying to bike everywhere.

“It’s exhausting!,” Leitch confesses as the self-proclaimed ‘novice’ biker recalls her first two-wheeler sojourn last week. “I arrived at a meeting and I just laid out flat on the floor. There’s actually a picture of me (seen above) in which I have a tomato face and I look exhausted and that was after my first ride.”

Lesson number two came the first time she got on board a Metro bus, an experience that Leitch recalls as “humbling”.

“I just realized that I am so lucky and there’s so many things that I take for granted,” she explains. “Things that other people in the same neighborhood as me don’t have. The bus is their only means of transportation…they’re not choosing to ride the bus.”

Check back with KMOX News and again next week for another update on Jess Leitch’s month-long car-free experiences.


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