Brett Blume

LEMAY, Mo. (KMOX) –  Patiently waiting for once-a-year pickup of hazardous household waste items is a thing of the past with Monday’s official opening of a permanent collection facility in south St. Louis County.

“You’re talking about all the pool chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, gasoline, motor oil,” explained St. Louis County solid waste manager John Haasis during a ribbon-cutting at the facility on Hoffmeister just east of South Broadway in Lemay. “Any kind of product that’s flammable or corrosive.”

Haasis told KMOX News that those who live within sight of the new facility having nothing to fear when it comes to the often dangerous nature of the items being collected there.

Click HERE for more photos of the grand opening. (KMOX/Brett Blume)

Click HERE for more photos of the grand opening. (KMOX/Brett Blume)

“Any of the hazardous material is taken to our storage lockers in back of the building which are designed to control fire, to control explosions, contain any spill…any kind of thing that could happen,” he explained.

Waste that is collected is not kept on-site indefinitely, Haasis added, but is shipped to a licensed incinerator located in Kansas City.

St. Louis County Health director Dr. Dolores Gunn said the project was a long time coming and will replace the once-a-year collection of items that can accumulate over the years.

“We all know we have things that are left in our garage, left in our basement,” Gunn said. “They’re kind of hazardous materials so you don’t want people putting them down their sinks or trying to bury them out in the back yard. Making sure that our residents have a proper place where they can dispose of these items and is right for our environment.”

For now the facility’s only open for residents of St. Louis city and county, as well as Jefferson County, but that may be expanded down the road.

Items will not be accepted from commercial facilities.

Reservations are encouraged and the collection center on Hoffmeister east of Broadway in south county will be open every other Saturday.

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