Updated @ 11:40 a.m. May 16th

Anchorman Larry Conners has hired attorney Merle Silverstein. A letter on behalf of Silverstein was sent to all media outlets Friday. It stated Larry Conners has been “advised by corporate from making statements, posting on Facebook, or participating in interviews on the IRS issue. That is the only reason for his silence.”

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Sources at KMOV have confirmed that longtime anchorman Larry Conners will “take a few days off” after comments he made on Facebook about the Internal Revenue Service.

Conners wrote Monday night that shortly after he interviewed President Obama and his wife in April of 2012, the IRS “started hammering” him. Conners did not explain how the IRS targeted him.

“At the time, I dismissed the ‘co-incidence’, but now, I have concerns … after revelations about the IRS targeting various groups and their members,” Conners wrote.

Conners issued a brief explanation of his post during the 6 p.m. news Tuesday night, stopping short of apologizing but explaining that his troubles with the IRS actually started years prior to his 2012 interview with President Obama.

The Facebook comments drew a rebuke from KMOV’s parent company Belo Corp.

“Any issue he has with the IRS are personal issues. They have nothing to do with our television station KMOV or him as a journalist,” Mike Valentine, vice president for content at Belo, told the website BuzzFeed. “As a news anchor, he owes a duty to our viewers to report in an unbiased manner. His Facebook post and his Twitter posts, as a result, were inappropriate. And we don’t condone personal posts that jeopardize the journalistic nature of our business. It’s really that simple.”

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