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harry star 2stars Hangover Part III A Sobering Experience

The best thing about “The Hangover Part III” is that it marks the end of this lame film franchise. I hope. At least that’s what its director Todd Phillips, insists.

Hang 1

This time out, Alan, played by Zach Galifianakis, is at the center of the juvenile comedy script from the start. When an attempt at an intervention that will put Alan in a rehab center for mental disorders gets tried by his friends, the spoiled rich kid decides he’ll cooperate. But on the drive out west to Arizona and the center, the car, which contains Alan plus his Wolfpack buddies Phil, Stu and Doug, gets waylaid by a mob thug and his crew. It seems the boys’ new partner in grime from the earlier film, Chow, played by Ken Jeong, has stolen $21 million in gold from the thug and he commandeers the Wolfpack to find Chow and bring back the gold.

Hang 2

The thug is played by our own John Goodman.

hang 3

Ken Jeong, who plays Chow, was reportedly paid $5 million to do this motion picture, so naturally “The Hangover Part III” really highlights him from start to finish. This movie is not about four guys trying to figure out what happened after a wild night of drinking. This time it about getting the gold and going back home.  The difference really slows the kind of raunchy comedy karma that has sold this series so well. This effort is far less freewheeling.

hang 4

Reprising their original roles are Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Justin Bartha, There’s a brief appearance by Melissa McCarthy who plays a pawn shop owner who has eyes for Alan. It doesn’t make the film funnier. The movie’s opening features the decapitation of a giraffe. Look for pickets from PETA.

Hang 5

“The Hangover Part III” should open well, but it will disappoint many of its faithful. Like I said at the start, it’s most likely the last “Hangover” you’ll have. Be grateful.


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