If you’re at all like me summertime was a great experience.   From the moment school let out until we headed back each and every day was chock full of nothing!

That’s not to say my buddies and I just sat around and didn’t do anything.  Far from it.  We played ball, both baseball and basketball.  There were several creeks to explore with rocks to flip over in the hopes of finding a crawdad or (yikes) a snake.  And when all else failed we sat around and told tall tales.

This went on day after day from early in the morning until the street lights came on which meant we needed to be home once again.

I bring this up because kids today seem to have almost every waking moment of their summer planned.  Not that it isn’t bad to have some kind of organized activity to participate in but some kids I know go from one camp to another to another all summer long.  And that’s a shame.

So we’re planning some built in do nothing time for our son this summer.  That way he’ll have the chance to go flip some rocks over with his buddies.



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